Spanish Readings and Videos for the Week of 9/19/16

Links for Chapter one of Realidades




There are many more lessons with Senor Jordan so be sure to practice!


Vegan Pizza, just before cooking. Beware of white flour. New word from Joel Fuhrman

Eat Your Veggies! Study Spanish!

Spanish 1, Para Empezar 1, Conversation: You Tube Julie Pacheco




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Spanish Reading For the Week of 9/13/16



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Protected: Links To Books and Short Stories For Students to Preview

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Wisdom Teeth

I have been quite out of it. Lazy as can be, and not feeling like making fabulous plant based meals. I gave my dentist 600$ this month! So definitely no nipping down to the amazing Juice places to drink 11$ juices and pretend I am independently wealthy!

But the pain does wear off, and the Vicodin bottle does empty, so I am back on track. No more filling up on vegan junk food (box of crackers anyone? only 1.99$ for a over 1,000 calories, almost as good as fast food)

Actions that suggest I am coming out of the slump.

  1. I got my juicer out of the closet and am drinking green juice! Right now.
  2. I am no longer obsessively watching Netflix five hours a day
  3. I went to the library. I walked to the library and made plans to walk to the book club.
  4. I started listening to Neal Barnard “Power Foods for the Brain” which is kind of like a religious person reading their sacred text.
  5. I made a giant salad and corn at 10 pm at night so I could crunch on that, and my whole family did too, and the crackers were safe. (I know, I should pitch the junk food. Baby steps. Baby Steps.

And the wisdom teeth out? Surely they weigh something? My scale’s batteries are dead. Which is just as well, considering the two week hiatus from making myself accountable here!

Proof I've gotten off the couch and into my backyard. Alien flowers?

Proof I’ve gotten off the couch and into my backyard. Alien flowers?

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Juicing is a big craze right now, but it’s one of those reasons I love it when hipsters and wealthy people move in. They have the best coffee, and the best craft food products. This revolution is not happening all over America (drive back roads all the way to Missouri from Michigan some time and you’ll see a fast food plaza in every small town, but not much else)

But the young and wealthy didn’t discover the fountain of youth and invent this juicing thing. Knowledge of the plant based diet benefits have been the subject of very careful study by renowned heart surgeons and researchers who have been helping people to reverse heart disease and many other illnesses. (Esselstyn, Fuhrman, Ornish, Campbell…some of the heavy hitters)

Cold pressed juice is when all juice (but no pulp) is extracted from fruits and vegetables to create a very concentrated and nutrient dense drink full of protein, vitamins and mineral. One of these green juices has more protein than a hamburger. (Yep, plants have tons of protein)

Anyway. These are expensive. Very expensive. But quite habit forming. I use these kinds of juices because they flood the body with nutrition, and for me, they help cut down on cravings for those foods that are everywhere. Salt. Sugar. Fat. I drink a green one every day, and sometimes one with beets or carrots in it as a treat.

I don’t use these to replace eating fruits and vegetables, after all, they don’t have much fiber. But as a way to get nutrients, fight of colds and cravings, these are the best. I’m going to make some of my own today.

For more ideas, check out the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”

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My Week in Plants

Vegan Pizza, just before cooking. Beware of white flour. New word from Joel Fuhrman

Vegan Pizza, just before cooking. Beware of white flour. New word from Joel Fuhrman’s new book. People who quit animal fats then start eating white flour products don’t do any better than meat eaters……………

Arm Circles  Here is the Arm Circles Song

I have bought two shirts, spring colored to wear with my job hanging out with toddlers and their parents. Unfortunately, my arms have "wings" I will not show you a picture of that, but by singing the arm circles song, I will show you a picture of them when I have conquered the old lady arms!

I have bought two shirts, spring colored to wear with my job hanging out with toddlers and their parents. Unfortunately, my arms have “wings” I will not show you a picture of that, but by singing the arm circles song, I will show you a picture of them when I have conquered the old lady arms!

Cacao Burrito

Oh Yes, a yummy close up

Oh Yes, a yummy close up

And here's the recipe

And here’s the recipe

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Glenda the Good Witch, The Plant Based Diet and Cheating


Here’s where I’m going these days for encouragement on the plant based life style. Also I am listening to her book on on the way to work. The Happy Herbivore

herbivore Here she is. Glenda the Good Witch of Plant Based Eating. Doesn’t she look fit? My new idol. Lindsay S. Nixon.

Cheats this week:

  1. That bite of veggie tamale. Who knew it had cheese?
  2. That bit of Tdziki sauce at the Greek restaurant.
  3. That butter sauce on the frozen vegetables. Come on! Who puts butter sauce on frozen veggies? I don’t throw food out, so I added half a box of mushrooms and shared it.
  4. I forgot to ask for no mayo on my sandwich at Jimmy John’s. (the number 6 on the square bread, no cheese)
  5. I tasted that corn bread I bought my family for dinner. (Yes I lied and told the girls at work I made it from scratch. No, I don’t know why I lied. I just like lying sometimes!)
  6. The honey in the tea
  7. Ummmm the shrimp? Definitely not a plant. It’s a headless, tentacled bottom feeder. But delicious in a squishy cholesterol free fall kinda way

So. As a result. I have not lost any weight, but nor have I gained, and I’ve been doing precious little exercising since winter came back for a week long sneak visit this week and my back is injured. (slowly, slowly. It’s getting better. I went swimming today)

The big question is. Can I earn a free water bottle and t shirt at the YMCA by going 12 times in April? That’s what I’m going for. And will I ever break my plateau? I think it’s a mental thing. If I had any readers, I would ask them for tips. How did you break through your plateau?

One bite of cauliflower at a time, I suppose.


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I Have a Waist and MSU and Plant Based Pizza

So when in doubt, go hang out with a kid. Your own if you have one, if not borrow a niece or nephew or kid of a friend. This darling kid gave me good advice at the delish restaurant. When out and about and you’re starving and you don’t want to eat oil soaked veggies and white rice, ask your child this: Dyani and Lisa in Lansing

What to eat? Camarones a la parilla. Yes I ate shrimp with piles of veggies, and I didn’t need to rob the vending machine afterwards for more treats. I was full.

I have a waist. Sort of. My back brace makes it look like I have a waist. But, every time I exercise hard my back hurts again, so it’s back to the couch and slow walks around the block.

And back to the veggies and plant based: Here’s a cheeseless pizza I made with a pre-made crust from Trader Joes’s, Mushrooms, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, and too much pizza sauce. Yum. Pizza stones are over rated by the way. They turn the crust into a cracker, but this was actually pretty good! I shook a little nutritional yeast on for a cheesy taste. (I know, it seems weird at first, but it actually adds a little savory taste!)

Vegan Pizza

I have stalled on the brink of my previous weight plateau, which is frustrating, because I was doing great with the exercise until I decided to do the whole rowing thing. I should really stop obsessing about food, but it is sooo pretty. Maybe I should be a chef as my second career!


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When in Doubt—Art

This weekend I was stressing about my rowing injury and lack of exercise for a few days. but I stuck to the plant based diet, cringing only slightly when I realized meatless veggie patties have EGG in them, and lazily buying green juices around Ferndale and Detroit instead of eating vegetables and fruits. But, I think supporting the arts helps my food choices.

Friday night we hosted two traveling musicians from the Gustavus Adolfus University, which gave me hope again for the heartland of America. They were talented, and very very sweet. They even left a thank you note on the pillow! Thank you notes!

Saturday night was time to cash in on my Christmas present and go to the ballet with dear daughter (other daughter sadly seething in jealousy) A racist usher led us all to getting much better, excellent front row and center seats. (ooh I was vocal! but that’s another story!) How ironic is it that at the ballet that featured America’s first African American principal ballerina that they kicked us and our friends out of our seats and gave them to a white couple? Wow. That was crazy. More on that later!  Misty Copeland!
MistysnickersAnd the snickers bar? I didn’t eat it. Someone sat right next to me and offered it to me and I was hungry, but I said no. I could say no. That’s what happens when enough of the good stuff is eaten. I feel like I’m a thermometer, the old school kind, except for mercury, I’m filling up with green juice. I know this isn’t making much sense. Time to put on my pajamas.

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Love Plants

It’s cold again in Michigan. And to keep with the theme of loving plants, gentle soul Nora pointed out that our baby fruit orchard was in danger of freezing, and not blooming. So we made them clothes, burlap, and covered them until we ran out of burlap. Then Dyani took over and pillow cased and sheeted the rest. So maybe in the summer there will be fruit again.

It’s hard to be enthusiastic about hardcore nutrition when I have an injured back, and the only thing I’m cooking comes in a box.

Better days ahead.20160404_202059

Um Dyani, where are the pillow cases?

Um Dyani, where are the pillow cases?

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