Lisa Sinnett is a Wayward Writer and writes creative non-fiction and fiction about her hometown of Detroit, Michigan. She has a strange attachment with Livernois Avenue, and  has almost always lived within a mile of this street that starts at the Detroit River and ends at the Detroit Zoo. Although she has left Detroit proper four years ago and has been living in Ferndale, Michigan, she still lives and works within a block of Livernois Avenue.

Recently, she has joined the throngs of Generation X’ers who have an obsession with food   sovereignty issues, realizing that she is one of the people who has been ruining the planet and actually can do something about it.

Lisa is part of an awesome household that includes Steve, Nora, Dyani, Heather, Nia, Anisa and occasionally Shannon, Leah, Cristiaan and Braden! Come on over!

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  1. Jeanne Flynn says:

    Hey Lisa
    I just read your chili essay and enjoyed it so much that I read it out loud to Matt. He also roared with laughter. Keep up the good work.

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