No Organic Allowed

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No Organic Allowed

I have made a commitment to stop being an indifferent blogger, and start posting again. Yes, so I’ll start with the good news.

It’s my birthday! And while I will not tell you how old I am, I will tell you, I have never been this old, and I am glad to be here. The other bit of good news is that my story “No Organic Allowed” has been published in the May Issue of  Stealing Time, a Parenting  Magazine.

My writing has been recognized before, but this was my first professional fiction piece and I am pretty excited about it.   They have graciously allowed me to publish this all over the place so that more people will hear about Stealing Time, A Parenting Magazine.

Enjoy the story, and consider sending a link to this page to people you know who are parenting at any age. Also please consider subscribing to Stealing Time, they are a good bunch of people, after all, they picked my story. It’s an actual magazine that you hold in your hands, not just on the screen. Thanks for reading! Print Lives!

This story is dedicated to Nora and Dyani who were there, and for all the parents who are seeing beauty in their lives, even when it’s hard. 


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