Update: Elegy for Our Home in Detroit

I am overwhelmed with the response from people who have read “Elegy for Our Home in Detroit.’ Thank you for you many comments and kind words, it is very encouraging.  If you would like to ask me any questions about the story, please comment here, message me on Facebook (elisasinnett) or write me an email at elisasinnett at yahoo dot com dot mx or lisaannesinnett at gmail dot com. 

I’ve discovered that there are a lot of us out there. There are many people who are documenting what is being done to our cities, and many people who are being pushed out with gentrification. There are others who are pushing back, so right now I am going to tell you the names of one person who is documenting this in Detroit. Her name is Elena Herrada and she is on Facebook. She writes a letter to Beloved Detroit every night, telling the truth about what the forces are doing to people and how she is pushing back. Ariel Gore, founder of www.hipmamazine.com has been mentoring this story for the last six years, because some things are really hard to say, and take a long time to write, and Ariel has midwifed many writers’ stories that need to be told over the past twenty years.

I will post more links to people on this page as I learn more about people’s work, so make sure to check back if you want to learn more.

Elegy for Our Home in Detroit is classified as fiction because some of the details were compressed in time. For example, in the story, I lose the house in about two paragraphs, and it was more drawn out than that, but I will be addressing some of the stories hinted at but not told in my collection Dispatches From Detroit.  The manuscript is complete and in an editing phase. I have as yet decided whether to independently publish it, or to seek a book contract with an established publisher.

Thank you so much, eLisa Anne Sinnett


photos of my daughters published with their permission

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